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The Nawrocki Furniture was founded Paweł Nawrocki in the town of Brzeźnica near Bochnia, located 45 kilometres from Kraków. In the span of those years, the company managed to transform from a small family business into a company that employs over one hundred workers, providing equipment for over 200 hotels in 8 countries located on two continents.

The first stores where clients could view the company’s range of products were established in Brzesko and Bochnia, followed by Kraków. They first large-scale successes appeared in 1999. We have been awarded for the best-quality product during the Katowice International Fair in the “Furniture of the Year” category and we were awarded first place during the “Kraków ’99” furniture fair.


In 2003, the company completed its first hotel project in France. It was a hotel located in Paris, in which our company has produced furniture for all of the hotel’s rooms and common areas.

In the subsequent years, we have cooperated with such hotel groups as: Accor, Best Western, Marriott, Oceania Hotels, OKKO, InterContinental Hotel Group. Thanks to the cooperation with the largest hotel groups in the world, the company was able to acquire experience and reputation, which resulted in orders from other European countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Great Britain and, of course, Poland, where the Nawrocki Furniture Company operates and completes projects based mainly on the cooperation with the largest Polish hotel group – Orbis – of which the main shareholder is the largest European hotel group – Accor.

After the economic crisis that took place in Poland at the beginning of the new millennium, we have decided to expand internationally. In 2002, the company took part in the Equip Hotel fair in Paris, where an exhibition stand was prepared, presenting the company’s products under the slogan “Hotel equipment”. After being received positively by the visitors and organisers, the company was invited to a fair in Monaco. Following the creation of a network of sales representatives and cooperation with the first clients, the Nawrocki Furniture Company began an intensive export to France. This was noticed by the Polish Trade Organisation (Polska Organizacja Handlowa), which awarded the company with a silver medal in the category of the best service on the French market.


The Nawrocki Furniture is a family business established in 1991 in Brzeźnica near Bochnia by Paweł Nawrocki. Beginning its operation locally, it now provides services on international markets. The most important elements of the company’s identity are tradition, high quality, innovation as well as complexity of the services that it provides.

We base the production process on the most recent technological solutions, which are in line with modern engineering and architectural ideas. We are constantly searching for the most effective constructional solutions. Thanks to a modern technology park and an internal design office, which are able to appropriately react to changes in the construction industry, we are able to introduce innovative solutions in the completion of investment projects for our clients.

Une qualité éprouvée sur le marché francais.


Since the very beginning of the company’s existence, the company’s founder, Paweł Nawrocki, aimed to create a self-sufficient business, which will not have to cooperate with subsequent subcontractors what, often, delays the execution of contracts. Over the years, departments focused on specific task were created, which allowed for the introduction of a complex production process, i.e.: metalwork department, upholstery department as well as a fully automated paint shop.

The company’s priority is to maintain a high quality of the services that it provides. At Nawrocki Furniture, we care for every detail related to the production of interiors, starting with choosing the best components for the furniture, through creating a production process plan, right up to the quick and safe transport of interior equipment to its destination. The quality of our services is ensured by the many years of experience that we possess as well as the extensive competencies of our employees.

The Nawrocki Furniture also means caring about our tradition, comprised of craftsmanship related to the treatment of wood, which we have been developing in Poland for centuries. We are great carpenters, having exceptional knowledge of the structure and possibilities of using a given material. Construction know-how has developed in Poland in line with advancements in craftsmanship. To date, Polish specialists are still highly valued on European job markets.

Our company is filled with Polish reliability and conscientiousness as well as respect and humility towards the environment. A combination of modern solutions and traditional production methods is the very essence of our approach to the work that we perform.


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